Outcomes Star

Jellymould has worked on the Outcomes Star, a Charity Award-shortlisted outcomes tool devised by Triangle, since 2005. 

We managed production of every variant of the Star until 2016, setting up a team of editors, designers, typesetters and proofreaders to deliver high quality, user-friendly materials. We’re very proud that it has been so well-received.

We’ve also helped Triangle develop the Outcomes Star brand and produced the first and second versions of the  Outcomes Star website.
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Service data visualisation tool

The Atlas of Services for Homeless People in London is a survey of service provision for single homeless people in the capital and is produced by Daniel Currie Associates for the London Housing Foundation.

We designed the Atlas report and produced an interactive online version of the maps to help generate greater engagement with the data. The section was the most visited within the LHF’s website during 2011-2012 and, in 2013, the LHF invested further in the tool building on our recommendations.
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The Star Online web application

The Star Online is a web application that enables organisations to use all of  the Outcomes Star tools online and has additional features such as action planning and reporting. Jellymould manages the application in partnership with Triangle, we play a product management role, design the system and support the helpdesk function.

Since launch in mid 2011, over 1,000 organisations have used the application adding around 50,000 thousand staff and volunteers and more than 500,000 service users.
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Crisis private rented sector web application

We’ve been working with Crisis’s Private Renting department since 2009 when they took responsibility for a site we originally built for the London Housing Foundation - the Private Rented Sector website.

In 2011, Crisis asked us to add an integrated web application to the site that would allow them to streamline the administration, monitoring and reporting aspects of their Government-funded access scheme. As ever, we’ve tried to make data entry and outcomes management effortless.
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