Jellymould was established in 2001 by designer and illustrator Emile Facey and user experience consultant and editor Jo Johnson. Our team now includes Ruth Timmins, who runs the Jellymould helpdesk and helps ensure the smooth-runnning of all our sites and apps, writer Harriet Powney, developers Tom Frost and Steve Allen and filmmaker Bea Brennan.

We have chosen to work primarily with non-profits and feel privileged to have worked with some incredible organisations that support some of the most marginalised people in society. Current clients include Crisis, the London Housing Foundation, the Sheila McKechnie Foundation and Triangle Consulting.

Creating good experiences for users and a good return on investment

We take a user-focused approach to each of the products we help our clients create. A good user experience comes from considering the people who will use the product, and the situations in which they will use it, right from the very start of the project. If this is done well, the end result will be effective in achieving the goals set, it will feel simple to use and – most importantly – people will use and value it.

Good user experience design can enable non-profits to get more from the increasingly limited time and resources they have – and help them support and empower service users more effectively and efficiently.

It can help simplify systems, save time and eliminate wasted effort, and make it easier for non-profits to demonstrate the value of their organsation’s work and help persuasively convey that value to funders.

We believe that putting the user experience at the core of each product gives a good return on investment for our clients, their funders and the people who spend their time interacting with our products.

Value for money

While some of the projects we work on may not be low-cost, our prices are competitive and comprise discounts for registered non-profits. Our clients regularly tell us that we give good value for money and that they can rely on us to ensure their projects come in on time and within budget.

Customer service

Customer service and good communication are incredibly important to us. We pride ourselves on retaining our clients for many years – in fact, ten years later we are still working with our very first client, Gary Hoyte.

If you want a quote or would like to talk about a potential project, please get in touch