Illustration and photography

by Plant43 (aka Emile Facey)When a page is illustrated it just feels easier read. Too much text can overwhelm the reader.

Teachers and trainers will know that it is important to present information in a range of ways in order to reach every kind of learner, those who respond to the written word, verbal explanations, and those who respond to visual information, like graphs and charts, illustrations and photography.


Jellymould’s illustrators work in a wide variety of styles.

Tersias book jacket illustration by Emile Facey Flash Flood book jacket illustration by Emile Facey
Financial magazine illustration by Corin Pag Visual for Ikea in-store advertising promotio Trade press ad for property developers Knight Frank    Highly finished visual for Sony Playstation game packaging (pitch)Website and packaging illustration for children’s CD rom

 Packaging illustration for Thorntons confectioners