The Outcomes Star - a tool for supporting and measuring personal change

Our role

  • Designed the Outcomes Star branding – first for the London Housing Foundation (LHF) then later for Triangle
  • Edited and designed the Outcomes Star guides, developing a house style and design rules
  • Built a production team of editors, proofreaders, designers and typesetters and managed production of all editions of the Star until 2016 – we continue to provide some editing and proofreading services when needed
  • Helped Triangle recruit and train in-house design talent
  • Outcomes Star website development – versions 1, for the LHF, and 2 for Triangle
  • We continue to manage the Star Online web application providing business analysis, UX, user testing, grahpic and UI design, quality assurance, testing, content management - everything except technical development which is provided by Tappetyclick

Time and again people comment on the exceptionally attractive, user-friendly and intuitive Star Online system - even people who don’t like IT systems - creating an excellent user experience is one of the strengths Jellymould has bought to the Outcomes Star for many years.

Triangle Consulting, authors of the Outcomes Star

The Outcomes Star is a tool for supporting and measuring change when working with people. It has become incredibly popular, it is used in countless organisations in the UK, Ireland and Australia, and we’re very proud to have played a part in that success.

In 2005, we edited and designed the first edition of the Outcomes Star, the Homelessness Star, working in close collaboration with Triangle Consulting and the London Housing Foundation, contributing to the development of the visual style and tools, such as the Star and ladders, the layout, and the clear, user-centred tone of the language.

The language is very plain and simple – there was no medical jargon for me to get my head around - and because it’s so visual, I could see where I was and where I was going. You just can’t do that with a traditional support plan.

Whereas before it had felt like the key-worker was telling me what to do, this felt like a joint process. For the first time, it felt like they were seeing me as a person rather than a problem and that really built my confidence.

Service user

The Homelessness Star was seized upon by the sector with many organisations claiming that the design and readibility of the guides was a factor in making the tool appealing to staff and service users. The London Housing Foundation asked us to collaborate with Triangle again to design the Outcomes Star System, the first web application enabling users of the Homelessness Star to input scores and generate reports. The Homelessness Star was subsequently handed over to Homeless Link to oversee.

As a result of the success of the Homelessness Star, Triangle  were approached to produce versions for a range of services. In order to maintain the quality and consistency of the tool, they asked us to help them develop the Star further. We produced the new Outcomes Star branding, an Outcomes Star website to house the forthcoming new editions, and a template that could be used to efficiently create new guides. As demand grew, we put together a team of editors, designers, typesetters and proofreaders to keep up with the momentum of new versions of the Star being produced for different sectors. At time of writing there are more than 30 versions of the Star.

We provided our wireframes from the original version of the Outcomes Star System to Triangle and their partners Substance to enable them to more rapidly replicate the system for multiple versions of the Star. The Star Online web application was born. We were then invited to join the team to help get the system ready for launch including designing the screens and writing the UI text.

We delivered and managed a helpdesk function and led the ongoing remediation and development of the system for Triangle, which we’re continuing to do in 2019. The Star Online is such an enormous area, we’ve given it its own project page.

If you are interested in a similar project, please get in touch.

Normally when we introduce something new to people there is a silent groan – it means more paperwork. The real test came when support officers sat down with some service users and completed the Star – where they started in red pen and where they are now in black pen.

Immediately, I could feed back to my head office some really impressive results. Support officers said it was good. Service users really enjoyed the interaction – and there were statistical results! The feedback was excellent and there was no resistance – quite the opposite.
St. Christopher’s charity, Greenwich

“The Outcomes Star System is beautiful, so clear and the Star Chart made me go wow! And the options to view different Star readings at once remind me of viewing my bank statements online - very easy to use. I think the keyworker summary - where keyworkers can review their entire caseload - will be very useful.

“But I think the best thing for me was the format, colour and font, I feel a lot of consideration has been given to the layout etc, catering for people with learning difficulties. I found it very user-friendly and easy to navigate to the appropriate page, being able to see previous completed stars or an individual one makes all the difference to the client group I work with.

Maureen Bobby, Keyworker, The Home Group
“This is brilliant! It’s very useful for anyone who wants to assess and analyse their own work and make improvements. It’s very easy and quick to input Star data and I’d recommend that new users have a play and they will soon get to grips with the system. In terms of being intuitive to use, I’d give it five out of five.”
Simon Virth, Supported Housing Manager, Community Campus 87




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