Private Rented Sector site - access scheme web application

What we did

  • analysis and consultancy
  • user experience design
  • graphic design
  • technical implementation
  • project management

Crisis wanted to add some new features to their private renting sector website, which we designed (originally for the London Housing Foundation) and continue to support to this day. Our user experience consultant explored their goals.

Crisis had been awarded funds by the Government to help agencies working with single homeless people to set up private rented sector access schemes. This work had initially been focused on providing information and guidance both to agencies and landlords, however, with the new Government grant, they would be awarding funding to agencies, setting each one a target number of tenancies to be created and sustained each year and releasing additional funds when milestones were met. The application needed to make this work effortless and provide a range of ways of reviewing progress, alerting the organisation and Crisis about areas for concern, e.g. if the same national insurance number appeared under two separate tenancies, and providing reports to Government as needed to show the impact of the programme.

The application allows organisations to log in and manage tenancy data directly into the system, and this can be reviewed and queried by Crisis, as needed.

Around 120 organisations signed up to the programme in the first year and this is expected to at least double in 2012.

If you are interested in a similar project, please get in touch.

Jellymould have provided user experience design services to Crisis since 2009 on our PRS website and produced our integrated outcomes application, which is used by 120 organisations.

Jellymould’s analysis ensures we fully explore the objectives and potential solutions for each project, she subsequently creates interfaces that are simple, use plain English, follow intuitive steps and are satisfying to use - even when the tasks or maths being carried out behind the scenes are extremely complex.

They even add touches of fun where appropriate, helping to make boring tasks like data entry more engaging to complete.

Having worked in the voluntary sector for many years, Jellymould share our values and want us to succeed and as such, they give great value for money and ensure projects come in on time and on budget. I’m very happy to recommend Jellymould.

David Hewitt, former Head of Private Renting, Crisis


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