Writing and editing

Creative input

Our editors are equally happy to write to a specific brief, or to initiate ideas in collaboration with your team. We recommend including a writer at briefing meetings in order to gain their peculiar experience and perspective on a new project.

Interviews and research

Our team can carry out research and interviews to gather the information, interesting details and quotes needed to complete the piece.

We have experience of interviewing in delicate and challenging contexts, such as:

  • talking to experts, such as doctors or researchers, about a complex subject, in order to write a piece that is accessible and informative to a non-expert reader
  • asking individuals about sensitive personal experiences, in order to write touching human interest articles for campaigning or fundraising purposes, or to inspire and support those going through similar experiences.


Content needs to be engaging, clear, consistent and meet accessibility guidelines. Our editors can offer support to ensure this is the case. Editing can be light or deep, depending on the budget, time constraints and how much work is needed to make the end result really successful.

We can help reduce the length of content in order to make it more concise and to fit any space limitations or  adapt the style of a piece from business-to-business, to something more suitable for the general public.

We can also rework copy to make it appealing to young people and children.


Proofreading involves checking your copy is free from typos, that it is grammatically correct and conforms to house-style guidelines.

Research shows that even trivial mistakes can make the reader doubt both the writer and their message. Incorrect grammar can not only confuse the reader, but can distract from the message and lead to them going elsewhere for the information they need.

It is important that all copy is proofread by someone who can read the content afresh – it isn’t possible to effectively proofread content you have written or edited.



  • Surrey County Council intranet content editing
  • Wrote GROW microsite web content for Thames Reach
  • Edits and designs the PKD Charity Newsletter
  • Edited the Outcomes Star Collection (first edition)
  • Wrote and edited content for the HeadzUp website aimed at children
  • Wrote and edited four leaflets for Alopecia UK
  • Edits publications for the London Housing Foundation
  • Wrote and edited a PKD Charity leaflet
  • Edited Noticeboard, Thames Reach’s staff newsletter (2001–2004)
  • Writes advertising and other promotional copy for Lorna Dewey Furniture
  • Ongoing web content management for the London Housing Foundation, Alopecia UK, Lorna Dewey Furniture and Brian Lawrence
  • Product descriptions for Apollo Antiques website.