Video production and editing

In 2008, the ability to make and disseminate videos quickly and cost-effectively became a high priority for us. Jellymould is working with associates Mo Stoebe and Bea Brennan to offer video production and editing alongside our website and print services.

Why video has become so important

In a world of multi-platform broadcasting - the iPlayer and YouTube - where millions watched the 2008 US elections unfold online, web content is increasingly blurred with television and users now expect to find video resources alongside text and images.

YouTube and others, such as Vimeo, have made video streaming - once a major financial and technical obstacle - a thing of the past. It is now free to publish your videos on a worldwide platform. You can even publish it from your website without fuss.

It is all about choosing the right media for the message:

  • Who do you want to communicate with?
  • Why? How will they use the content you provide?
  • Will they want to share it
  • Do you want them to share it
  • What is the most effective way to communicate each of your objectives?
  • Do you want to persuade or educate?
  • Is detail vital, or is showing more important than telling?

Jellymould can help you explore these questions and assist you to develop a whole package of resources suited to a variety of audiences and objectives.

See the Private Rented Sector case study for an example of using different media to suit different objectives